14 comments on “Licorice”

  1. Yum…beautiful & cool image!

  2. I’m digging the processing and how it gives an almost timeless feel to the still life.

  3. I see that you have remodeled the place Elaine lol!!!…. i see you are into videos too….good girl….:)I like your locorice….you have got me craving….. so i am off to the cuppboard…..xx oo….peter:)

  4. lol, you are full of surprises. i like being greeted at the door my a meowing kitty.i like red licorice better than black. it might be because i was told ‘red licorice makes your boobs grow.’

  5. Just as delicious as your never failing processing, sweetheart. What a great frame with all that rock ‘n roll feel to it. Long nights, longdrinks & healthy again after all. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. A delicious display of childhood sweeties (yes we have them in sunny ol’ England too!)Lovely pic

  7. You continue to amaze me with how many times you mix things up over here on your blog. So often something new!! Wonderful…fun image!!!

  8. makes a cool shot. almost like a living room and the food is the furniture. I’m on my first cuppa. be patient:-) Love the cool cat eyes watching me as i type this.

  9. Wow cool shot!

  10. very nice capture!

  11. very cool. I shouldn’t look at things like this when I’m really hungry. 🙂

  12. argh! sweets! must.. look.. away.. 😀

  13. Sorry my comment got lost. I love the feel of this photo, and I was saying the pink thing reminds me of one of Jackie Kennedy’s hats.

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