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  1. I freakin’ love that sky. And is that a half built building, or some kind of misguided public art (I think all public art is misguided. The public can’t even agree on who should win American Idol, so how in the world should we expect them to agree on [1] what constitutes art, and [2] what a great piece of art is?)? If it’s a half build building, I love it. Next to falling down buildings, those are my favorite kind. Which reminds me, there’s one up the road I need to get to before someone gets all ambitious and finishes building it. And if it’s public art, I still love it because it’s a cool photograph.

  2. Hi Elaine!!! i am able to visit again…..i have been having major problems with my site this week….Duhh!i love this shot of the City Stuff…..great find…..i would not get very close to that building site:)….it looks like they are missing some of the pieces that holds the uprights together lol….Good Stuff!!!!:)….peter:)

  3. j’aime cette impression de chaleur !

  4. Not sure it this is art or an accident – perhaps it has potential in both directions !

  5. Like in a road movie, colors always drive us far away here !

  6. Neat shot. Curious architectural art. Great color. Good “late-day” contrast. Nice processing!I like it!

  7. Gorgeous color and light in this.

  8. Well seen and intriguing shot – hard to tell if it is a sculpture or a construction site! I like the old film stock like colours as well.

  9. I’m wonderig if this is a sculpture or something under construction? I reckon its some kind of 3-d public art work, the edges and ends are too ‘neat’. Love the PP in this shot. I’m intrigued by your blog design, is it your own?

  10. nice stark capture of the sculpture (?). I like the textures applied here.

  11. absolutely love the motion in this one and wow on the color palette. (i’m really liking your site too.)

  12. What can I say, my dear? Such an amazing frame. Such an amazing processing. Such a great, great photograph. Yours are always so outstanding & adorable, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  13. good to know i didn’t sleep all summer. i was here on this one.

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