Bus Stop

7 comments on “Bus Stop”

  1. un bien joli traitement des couleurs !

  2. Most bus stops look like that, Elaine…a blur. But not all of them are so colorful!

  3. Love the ordinariness of the moment..and the way you’ve rendered it in spectacular color!

  4. Love the vivid colour and the treatment reminds me of the old Polaroid photos. I like the sense of movement with the blurred figures – perhaps they can’t sit still for a minute while they wait for the bus!

  5. like something from a dream, such vivid colors.

  6. looks like a giant fluorescent blur !

  7. And does this bus stop at the road of hope? I just fly by every time I stop by here, my dear. What a blast of great colours, brilliant blur & great stories. Love this little gem!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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