It’s Raining Again

6 comments on “It’s Raining Again”

  1. Time to get into the car & drive as far as we could to finally bath in snlight again. On the other side: Rain never looked better, my dearest. And I like the idea of just sitting in the house, watching the rain & ourselves. Right here, right now.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. I like the blurry feeling, the mood and the scratches – excellent image my friend.The building in my image is a bell house of the church at the left side of the image so you can not hire it for house of living

  3. Nothing but sunshine in my life. Rain sure gives you great shots.

  4. Wow, this does feel familiar. It makes me recall some very deep and bittersweet times in another place a long time ago. I’d go back only if I could change things a bit. So, do I smile or shudder about this photo? Both seem to happen at the same time. (That’s what years full of memories does for a person.)

  5. I like how the black and white adds another layer of abstraction. Very chill feeling to this shot.

  6. nice capture! well, i’m looking forward to rain.. pollen levels here are freakin’ insane..

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