Never Again

So hubby and I have gone vegan, but also whole natural food vegan, AND low fat, so i doubt we will eat out much lol

8 comments on “Never Again”

  1. That is a very cool shot.

  2. never is a long time Elaine!… but don't forget to eat… i hear that some vegan's have survived lol… love the retro style restaurant booth…xo….peter:)

  3. You will find on that table just about all the items on the menu that are truly vegan. I guess you could gnaw on the table top. Good luck with your veganistic expedition! I like the lighting in your photo.

  4. Oh wow, Elaine. Big step. You'll have to let us know how it goes. My younger sister and husband did it, too, for awhile, but ended up being more moderate about the whole thing in the end.

  5. I like the lighting and the colors – I don't understand what vegan means

  6. eating out is a waste of money and not nearly as good as what i cook, if i do say so myself, and i believe i just did:-) cool shot.

  7. The last drink is on me & then it's just The two of us, beautiful songs & more beautiful pictures.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. for real? man, i can't imagine myself doing that.. good luck.. ;D

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