where the heart is

so we are trying to organize a bit, can you say BOOKS? and we left a TON of books behind…

6 comments on “where the heart is”

  1. Eye-popping eclecticism, Batman! It's the first thing that made me smile today. Very cool, but, honestly Elaine, the Ritz box should be next to the fan. The red breaks up the impact of the zebra hutch. All your hot colors are in front of the green wall anyway…so hop to it. It's a wild shot; I love it!

  2. love the shabby chic furniture and i love books.

  3. I realize the books are the subject, but the torso is my favorite part of the shot. Mostly because it makes me think of zombies!

  4. It's a nice room Elaine… i love your curio cabinet… but it could use a chair lol….peter:)

  5. Books, your grandezza, modern furniture & I will call you my cowgirl from now on. Great shot, Elaine!All the best l safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. you can never get too much books.. one of you guys is a sculptor? 😀

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