7 comments on “Marilyn”

  1. There will never be another one like Marilyn Elaine !… there were no lost nudes of her… they had just been misplaced lol…,peter:)

  2. Are you looking into a mirror?

  3. Beautiful Marilyn. Something in her eyes says, "Sad."

  4. She will never stop being a mystery woman, will she, Elaine!

  5. I like how you took a common and totally boring magazine rack that I've seen without seeing thousands of times and made it interesting. Nice one and very creative!

  6. (instead of buying one) it's always the best time & place to read a magazine.. 🙂

  7. And don't get lost in the lost nudes. I rather get lost in your beautiful frames, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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