7 comments on “Gotham”

  1. The gritty, nothing-tender processing is just right for this monolithic building just clomped down into the surface of the earth. It's "I-dare-you" stance is perfect for it's purpose.

  2. I see that the big police station was just plopped down there in Gotham city Elaine!! … but where is Superman!!… or was that Spiderman!!… would you please go back an get a shot of at least one of them for me lol 🙂 I like the way that you framed the corner…. xo….peter:)

  3. i especially like the clouds and the flag pole reflections. very nice.

  4. I try and stay away from those sorts of places.

  5. Damn, such a fine point of view, sweetheart. So my kind of frame that words can hardly describe!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. excellent treatment. great angle on this building

  7. nice bold shot of this police station, the lines look really good.. 🙂

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