kitteh pose

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  1. love, love your couch and the entire setting actually. hubby was a hippie i see:-) your photos look good. you got style girl.

  2. Part of the living gallery. Great pose, Kitteh! (She observes the Rule of Thirds.)

  3. I like the wild animal on the couch – great frame

  4. She looks so ferocious! A nice departure from her usual poses.

  5. That is a wonderful shot and black and white is perfect for it.

  6. Amazing composition, great black & white image!

  7. Kitteh poses & I drown in your gorgeous black & white. I was right not believing you that you can't do monochromes. You do them so well, sweetheart. So dam fine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. lol, i thought he was sticking his tongue out.. nice catch!

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