New West

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  1. I'm digging all that contrast and the film noir look of this.

  2. Nice shot Elaine… i like it in B&W…. now if that is your car coming our of the car park…. then you are only 3605 kl away from our place in Moonbeam… and it will take 44 hours to drive here over the Trans Canada route…. i hope that you packed a big lunch for the trip :)… so Penny can expect you and Hubby by the weekend lol….xo….peter:)Here are the directions in case you get lost:),+Ontario&daddr=New+Westminster,+BC&hl=en&ll=47.694974,-102.568359&spn=16.397257,42.1875&sll=49.21042,-122.915039&sspn=15.921305,42.1875&geocode=FbXq8AIda20a-ymLoSDwNsE9TTEVI0ljgSAG-w%3BFebi7gIdp26s-CmXUNs9ddiFVDHu_k32GOmo7A&oq=Moonbeam+Ontario&gl=ca&mra=ls&t=m&z=5

  3. Very Black and White, contrasty, and vingnettacious. Reminds me of that drawer full of very old photos from my childhood days. Nothing had color then. Not the sky, the trees, or grass. However, parking was cheaper. I do enjoy your experimentations.

  4. I absolutely love this.Wonder black and white.

  5. $7 for the entire day here in the Netherlands would be a GOOD deal, Elaine!

  6. Damn, Elaine … you are my quenn od b&w. A great frame that makes me loose my words & senses. I adore you & your great monochromes, sweetheart!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. not bad rates.. 😀 nice catch!

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