5 comments on “Crane”

  1. I like your crane very much Elaine… and the way that you framed it above our beautiful flag !!… i would love to see more of our flag raised at the Olympics this week…xo…..peter:)

  2. Architecture, Industry, and Patriotism all in one. Somehow it all fits together pretty well. I like the splash of red on the flag. Those cranes always seem to be very spidery. I don't see how they can lift the weights that they do and still stay upright.

  3. I don't need no crane beacuse you're crane enough to me, my dear. You & your photography is so damn uplifting. Takes me higher & higher & higher!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. i like the flag as an element in this one

  5. a crane as huge as that in my neighborhood? no thanks.. 😀

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