9 comments on “Depression”

  1. Tinkerbelle will fix that sad fuzzy fellow right up…. she is magic you know…. with fairy dust…. great creation… Elaine:)…. is that the Dough Boy's hand? lol…. xo….peter:)Perhaps you shouldn't visit me today… it can also be depressing:(

  2. I wondered what the heck this was when it first loaded. It's an intriguing image, quite mysterious in some ways.

  3. Sweet thoughts from Peter…I like that. My son could use a Tinkerbell, too!

  4. This one certainly leads to a lot of conjecture based on your title and the cartoon-character personalities of your photo. I try to interpret things and this one keeps tagging me and giving me a worried frown. I'm crossing my fingers that Peter is right. Oh, and you put some crazy monkey heads on again? Oh my!

  5. "I'm going where there's no depression / To the lovely land that's free from care" (Carter Family)That's what I always do returning to that magical Elaine place with all the gems to drown in, the sweets to taste & the love you spread through your great imagery, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. very creative image 🙂 very fine !!

  7. interesting elements in this scene you captured.. seems like tinkerbell's cheering up eeyore.. 🙂

  8. this is totally unique. i'm guessing through the window? i like the colors of your site.

  9. Very cool, this reminds me of when we did photograms in introduction to photography back in the day. Except this is way more interesting. That big glove is freaking me out!

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