My Brain is a Big Sky

I’m sorry, I have to take my computer in to the computer doctor, and they are closed on sunday and it may be gone for DAYS lol i’m so stressed

5 comments on “My Brain is a Big Sky”

  1. and a beautiful one at that my lady…. you must be the brainiest one of all Elaine!!…. xo….peter

  2. Great scenery! I like the "traveling" shot and the processing works really well. Sorry about your computer. I hope it recovers soon.

  3. As long as your brain is a big wide sky, my heart for you & your great imagery is wide, wide open horizon, Elaine. And it will try to heal where no doctor can help.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. haha.. live with it! try being disconnected for a few days.. ;D

  5. Very mellow feel to this, liking it.

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