Only have eyes for you…

8 comments on “Only have eyes for you…”

  1. isn't love grand Elaine!! this is a beautiful shot of the old couple…. he was probably checking his wallet to see if they still had enough for coffee at Waves since she spent so much on what was in that little bag from The Bay… they must live near the river because he has his high water pants on…. just remember!!!!…. at some time in our lives we will all look like this:)….peter:)

  2. I love the processing. What a glorious view of love.

  3. very nice moment – I like the colors

  4. pretty cute title for this old couple.. very nice candid shot! 🙂

  5. It's fun to think of captions for this photo. Yours is very kind–and I like it because of that. I like your processing with the isolated colors. It works really well on this shot.

  6. What a poignant scene, Elaine!

  7. I only have eyes for your great photographing, for these mighty fine scenes of yours & your always amazing storytelling, sweetheart. Only that you know.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. Love this

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