Is it just me?


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  1. like the treatment in this image, very distinctive. the kids seem to be checking out the liquor store. not time for them yet

  2. i didn't find this depressing at all Elaine!!! … there is lots of bright colours…the kids seem to be enjoying their ride…. and judging by the parking lot… i think that the Flamingo might be renting rooms by the hour!!:)….peter:)

  3. Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes it isn't. There seems to be that tide-like effect in so many things. There's no question that we get to experience more than we ever expected to! The young father seems to be enjoying this moment in life pushing the kids along in a stroller, talking on a cell phone, and getting to see all the uplifting sights of the neighborhood.

  4. I wonder if Life is an attitude, Elaine? Sometimes I think so…and for that reason alone, I try to stay upbeat and positive, in spite of what's happening around me.

  5. nah, man! it's all good! just keep thinking happy thoughts! ;D

  6. very nice street image and interesting colors

  7. It certainly has its moments. This picture is almost comical though. With the overstuffed buggy and liquor store, it is a little like a cliche. Love the processing 🙂

  8. it's not just you

  9. Life is hard but great in the city. Especially when it's your great imagery to guide me trhough these gardens of sogns down to that old liquor store wehre I used to win the battle but lost the war & you finally saved me & my lost soul!All the ebst & safe travels, Fritsch.

  10. I like how the dude looks all gangsta, but then he's got the two kids in the stroller. A nice contrast. Also, having a liquor store next to a motel strikes me as mighty convenient, I will have to stay there if I ever visit your 'hood.

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