Motorcycle Boy

6 comments on “Motorcycle Boy”

  1. very nice urban shot, i like the bit of motion captured too.. 🙂

  2. there is just enough blur to feel his speed Elaine!… i like to see the markings on boxcars… it gives me something to read when i am sitting at a level crossing lol :)…. xo…. peter:)

  3. Yamaha FZ8 trying to sneak across the frame. I think he can outrun the train.

  4. Now that I've been away for just a few days you immediately went out playing with them motorcycle gang boys. But the motion is something more felt than seen in this gem of yours!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. Nice shot, I like all the red. Also, I'm digging the graffiti on the train, but you know I like that sort of thing.

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