Never Look Back

7 comments on “Never Look Back”

  1. He looks quite thoughtful. And the green and blue tones do go so well with that sort of expression.

  2. i like the processing …!

  3. That is very cool processing.

  4. you caught a great expression on his face Elaine!! …. then you went and splashed mud on the wall and his head and some drops on his shirt… nice treatment lol….peter:)

  5. Exactly! Not any more for me!

  6. Good title and very moody processing. I'm not sure that most humans are capable of not looking back–at least I'm not. Maybe the bigger issue is to learn how to move forward even though we do look back occasionally. There are times it doesn't pay, though. Just ask Lot's wife. 🙂

  7. i think one should.. as he was doing just before you took this photo.. ;D very nice shot.

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