Waiting for godot 2

7 comments on “Waiting for godot 2”

  1. Wonderful mountains framed across the tracks Elaine!!!…. i love the sound of the trains when they are working hard to get up the mountains out west… xo ….peter:)

  2. Beautiful scenery. I like the way the clouds are a reprise of the hills. It all makes me yearn for mountain air. But, this is the question (since you titled this as you did), how long will you wait?

  3. excellent landscape – very beautiful processing and colors

  4. nicely framed landscape shot.. 🙂

  5. Nice, very mellow and bucolic feel to this. I like how the train track is fairly subtle.

  6. I can breath fresh air finally while your great frames make me go crazy. Can there be anything better? No, no, never!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. i like this beautiful landscape while Waiting for Godot Elaine!!… but this was taken back in 2012… that’s longer than my series take lol….peter:)

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