6 comments on “Memories”

  1. The shades of lavenders and greens work well together, and the vignette emphasizes the subject and contrast. Nicely done, Elaine. This photo would be right at home on a greeting card.

  2. For real? Whatever, very cool shot.

  3. The sweet summer breeze. The fine wine. And you by my side with a hundred stories to tell. That makes me a lucky one even after a terrible day & only two hours of sleep. And words can not express how thankful I am, my dearest. A gem!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. I like the purpleness and I almost missed the snail. I like how he's hanging out there, sort of like an inside joke.

  5. awh, you found it

  6. that snail sure likes to accessorize.. such a pretty shot.. 🙂

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