Horses, Horses, Horses

I finally caught a drive by of a horse on a farm, can you tell? 

5 comments on “Horses, Horses, Horses”

  1. you captured a beautiful horse and your framing through the fence to die for Elaine!!… i like the old couple walking arm in arm… Penny and i aren't nearly that old… but we stroll along together the same way lol.. xoxoxox……peter:)

  2. You should have stopped and visited the horse. They are (usually) incredibly gentle and friendly. People should try to emulate them.

  3. This could be a good story photo. I hope you can take some more photos of the horses. They don't pose very well for me, but maybe you'll have better luck, and it's fun trying anyway.

  4. Such shy but wild souls. Maybe that's why I like horses that much. They are what I feel but can't live to. But one day we will ride them through a great landscape with all these romantic dreams in our heads.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. it sure makes for an interesting frame.. 🙂 nice drive by!

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