Morning Tide

8 comments on “Morning Tide”

  1. The contemplative kitten. They always find something to observe, even if it is nothing. The luminous "outside bokeh" is fairy-tale like.

  2. I love the bokeh in the window.

  3. So very cute.

  4. Healthy & so damn beautiful, my dear. The silence is something felt in that gorgeous frame of yours. A great meditation!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. I absolutely LOVE this Elaine! Such a comforting shot and feeling of home.

  6. Wow, very beautiful composition and tones ! Great bokeh !

  7. awh, i love your window ! i'd like to have an area in the kitchen like that. i see kitty loves it.

  8. she's so plump, i thought she was a furry fruit or something like that.. 😀 nice catch!

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