Heaven on Earth

8 comments on “Heaven on Earth”

  1. hey you!!… is that our Moonbeam flying saucer paying you a visit Elaine!!!… what a magnificent capture…it is sooooo beautiful:-)…..peter:)

  2. That is a amazing shot. Love Love Love

  3. What an unusual formation? What is it? Great framing with the trees, and the mist is amazing.

  4. wow …. that hill looks like it's rising out of the earth !

  5. It's a wild country out there. Just like these wild rides of us. And it's beauty whenever your feet touch ground. And it's beauty whatever your eyes see.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. breathtaking

  7. that's massive, very nice shot!

  8. Nice one, I love that low layer of clouds and fog near the base of the mountain.

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