Home again Home again

8 comments on “Home again Home again”

  1. It would definitely be a place to call home, again and again! And are those pumpkins out in that field???

  2. Another "Wow! What scenery!" photo. This would really be something to see! You make me want to become a tourist. 🙂

  3. What a sight to call home. Happy new 2013.

  4. You live in a magical place Elaine!! … i am so glad that you are sharing your home with us…:-) Penny and i with you and your family health… happiness… and good fortune in the new year…. Penny and ….peter:)

  5. My home has always been where the heart is. And each time I return to your beautiful place full of the most beautiful pictures I feel like home again. That's true, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. wow, the mountains are gorgeous. love your geographic area. too bad it's so cold. i'd love a view like that.

  7. homeward bound, eh? nice idyllic scenery captured here..

  8. I like the yellow house and barns/buildings against the mellow background. I also like how the clouds have a bit of texture, but the lack of color brings the eye down to the buildings and crops.

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