Light and Shadow

7 comments on “Light and Shadow”

  1. I love this skycentric composition.

  2. I just love the composition and colours in this picture – it has great atmosphere, makes me want to get a heavy coat and go for a walk with the icy wind in my face. Lovely shot!!

  3. Luminous clouds…what an accent point ! Beautiful scenery. (I also like Michael's term–"skycentric.")

  4. such a beautiful silhouette of the tree against the clouds and the mountain Elaine!!… the tree is so delicate that it looks like fine lace… xo ….peter:)

  5. nice toning, i also like the crispness of those branches, nice shot. 🙂

  6. I like that big tree in the left foreground, it almost seems larger than the mountain and creates a nice sense of tension in the frame.

  7. Exellent composition. Love this kind of pictures. BRAVO . bet365 . Wish all the best.

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