Happy Easter!

this picture has nothing to do with Easter, I know lol

5 comments on “Happy Easter!”

  1. In its strictest sense, no, the photo really doesn’t have anything to do with East, but, for me, Easter is a celebration. In that sense, I can see some joy, freedom, and celebration in your photo that echo those same feelings that come on this day. Happy Easter to you, too.

  2. Peter Meilleur says:

    All of those coloured circles of light look a lot like Easter eggs Elaine!!! … it`s just not the religious part of Easter Sunday…. hope that you had a nice day today… xoxoxox ….peter:)

  3. Magic! Magic of spring revival. Happy Easter to you and to everyone!

  4. I was posting as aimedez (wordpress) because i didn’t succeed to post as a member of blogspot. I’m going to try to change. We’ll see.

    1. mission accomplie 😉

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