i’m stuck in folsom prison, i know i can’t be free, but that train just keeps on runnin’ and that’s what’s killin’ me ~ johnny cash

3 comments on “Train”

  1. "Well I broke down in E. St. Louis on the Kansas City line / And I drunk up all of my money that I borrowed every time / And I fell down at the derby and now the night’s black as a crow / It was a train that took me away from here but a train can’t bring me home" (Tom Waits)

    But your trains are not only the longest but the ones I like riding most. Thanks for Johnny & thanks for your bluesy great frame, my love!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. love the train shots. terrific vantage point.

  3. Nice view and mystical processing. I used to ride the train between here and there and back again. It took longer than driving to the same destination, but sometimes the slower trip was worth the delay. It let me think about what I was actually doing in making all those trips when I could have (should have) just stayed home. 🙂

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