Mixed Feelings


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  1. I’ll be there in the twilight, my dear. I share your sadness because sadness is my middle name. And as long as your sadness result in those glowing gems that will be shining through the twilight I can take all this sadness, darling. It’s a wide country before us & these romantic dreams in our heads will cure those troubled & sad minds.

    A wonderful frame, sweetheart!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. This is such a beautiful sunset Elaine !!… i love the tree towering over the power lines… and that sky is to die for…. xoxox ….peter:)

    i just read Fritsch’s last comment… are you going on a trip Elaine… and can i expect you at our door soon:-)

  3. Mixed feelings remind me of bittersweetness. I’m not sure what the sadness is about, Elaine, but I do trust you’ll find the “sweet” midst the “bitter.”

  4. Nice sunset shot. The contrails are adding their own emphasis. It won’t be long until those trees are full of leaves again and those warm nights will invite us to sit outside and enjoy them. Still, why do I pick up a hint of sadness or longing here. Maybe it’s just me waiting for the sun once again. I’m glad you posted a photo.

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