Blonde for the Last Time


i bleached my hair last night, but i have been eating so clean that i got super sick from the toxic chemicals… so no more blonde hair for me.. i don’t wear makeup, the eyeliner and such is tattoo’d on… so now i just have to get good shampoo

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  1. A couple of cuties. The blond hair is not worth the grief, however.

    1. but i like blonde hair!!! lol

  2. This may be the best pic I’ve ever seen of you, Elaine! It’s soft and gentle and quiet…at peace. Look at how sweet goggie is loving on you. Very precious. I like this. Getting rid of the “toxins” (whatever they are) is clearly working!

    1. thank you, Ginnie 🙂 almost everything is toxic to me, now i have to give up nightshade veggies, no soy, no gluten or grain, no potatoes or tomatoes, it’s crazy, it would be ok if i could just go raw vegan 811 but i can’t get enuff calories in, maybe when i get my juicer

  3. Oh la la … you’re looking so damn good, sweetie. If I could only get my eyes off the screen. But I know that you’re looking good with every natural colour. So your blond may fade but I will stick around!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. this is a soft and sweet picture of you Elaine!!!… i like the heart on your doggy’s sweater….peter:)

    still in Ireland until Wednesday

  5. Hi Elaine… i still like your blonde hair… we are back home… Penny has just finished her gardening and i have my boat in the water… spring was late up here so it was good to leave the snow behind and come back to brown grass… but grass just the same….peter:)

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