La Bella Luna


we have a beach right near our house, and there was a huge full moon, which of course looks miniscule in the pic

5 comments on “La Bella Luna”

  1. Awwww. A super moon! It won’t come around again till 2034, so lucky for you that you could see it now. It was too cloudy for us here in Dutchland. Lucky for you to also live near the beach. Eat it up!

  2. I like the pictures of you and Hubby at the beach… Elaine… the angled picture of his with the full moon turned our great… the close up of you two isn’t clear but i love the smiles… you have nice white teeth…

    1. the close up of us is the ONLY one that’s clear lol at least for me!

  3. The beach, the moon, your S.O.–what else could you want?

    1. money 🙂 and sanity lol

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