Car Car


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  1. That is nicely done, Elaine.

  2. an exceptional image, elaine. you captured such a broad perspective of it and the tones are gorgeous.

    absolutely love the words you wrote on your main page, left side.

    1. thank you honey, i just start writing sometimes and stuff comes out i didn’t know was going to, and it goes in my sidebar lol and thank you for defending my honor but i’m pretty sure everyone steals everything these days lol, i have gotten in trouble for using the wrong background image before, so right now, my site is all my own graphics

  3. as soon as i saw this photograph, i knew i had seen it on tumblr last night. just spent about 20 minutes going back through all those pages to find it and sure ’nuff, it was the same pic. fortunate for the world wide web, you were the one who tumbled it. i was ready to defend your copyright, lol. i tumbled it again!

  4. Of course we know it’s YOUR image! With lots of room for you to merge into, it need be. 🙂

  5. it’s a nice shot of the traffic and i like how we can see the cars at the curve past the trucks…
    i like your background picture for this site… i see that you went back to WP… i’ll just keep following your links ha ha!! ….peter:)

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