In the City…


6 comments on “In the City…”

  1. That is s very cool shot of Urban decay.

  2. Move over, Santorini. I suppose the taggers will be here soon. Sigh.

  3. HEY! A Boat Friday image! 😀

  4. this one is ageless Elaine!!…i like the wall

  5. sorry i hit the wrong key and posted before i was finished lol…
    the old 12″ satellite dish television which time stamps the image… and i like boats of all kinds… even the ones for sale in back alleys….peter:)

  6. Here I finally run aground & it never felt better, baby. Because I know you will pick me up, take me out of town & into the wild country where there’s nothing but a hundred images, you & me!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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