Misty Mountain Hop


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  1. You gonna take me higher, dear. And that’s what I need on a lazy sunday. So come on now & take me higher!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. You should now feel very connected to me here in the North Georgia mountains, where we see the mist socked in like this every morning. One more full day before we head back down to Atlanta tomorrow.

  3. How very serendipitous of you to post this photo. Why? Well, today we have glorious fog! It is like a blanket and everything is quieter–except for that bird who is chirping away because the fog/mist is calming his world. This is something that I don’t see much here, but when I do it is something to revel in. Your misty mountain and valley have an immediacy between them. Neither is far from the other for today at least. Perhaps, something is afloat between them?

  4. This is a beautiful mountain with the clouds giving kisses to its slopes Elaine!!
    i see the fall colours in the field and on the trees in the distance…
    it’s a sunny day here for a change… we will be putting the deck furniture and other stuff that you saw last night into the shed…xo….peter:)

  5. That is a lovely shot. Where are you heading?

    1. not headed any where, that’s the view down the road to our second home, the RV… i live on the west coast of canada, Rocky Mountain high lol

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