On the Shore


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  1. The clear air, deep water, and a view to die for. Nice!

    1. that’s the lake our RV resort is on, to the left you can see some cabins and stuff

  2. I bet it’s great for fishing! I’d LOVE to go fishing there…or just sit there, absorbing it all, like up here in the mountains.

    1. a LOT of people go fishing in our lake, must have tasty fish in it 🙂 when ya comin’ home?

  3. this is sooo beautiful Elaine… it would be such a great place to sit with a fishing line in the water and just watch nature doing its thing….xo….peter:)

    1. yes but there appears to be a mysterious ORB floating above the reeds, at first i thought it was ‘dust’ on my ‘film’ but then noticed the reflection of it in the water…. mysterious orbs and fishing don’t go together lol

  4. what a spot Elaine, totally gorgeous

  5. That is such a lovely looking spot. You are so lucky.

  6. Fraîche beauté,contrastée sans excès!

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