Mother Earth


5 comments on “Mother Earth”

  1. This is so much like one of the quick glimpses that I give to what is around me that instantly tells me that life is complex when it seems to be so simple. I know better. That is why I appreciate the reminders like this that I should see past the obvious more often and delve into deeper things.

  2. When the sky is that big, I’m reminded that I really CAN fly! 🙂

  3. Mother Earth and a big sky… i like it Elaine…
    and the tabs on the two corners to make it look like it’s in a photo album….peter:)

  4. Feels like eternity. I love the gritty feeling in this photo – feels like down to earth – or up in the sky.

  5. Please never stop to turn my world upside down & inside out & back again.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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