Me and My Shadow


here is a review from a lovely knowledgable friend, Otto, of this image: it’s the last review on his page of reviews

“What I have seen on your blog, Elaine, is that you are always able to create very personal and often different photos. Sometimes quite thought provoking. This is a good example. It’s framed unconventionally and the processing is not the usual way of doing things. Moreover, I really like the result. It makes me start thinking and let my imagination go in many directions. As I have stated before, for me that’s a good quality of a photo or any work of art for that matter. In this photo, the shadow of the dog becomes the main element. There is something wild and free spirited about it. It’s almost as it wants to run away from the confinements of being a dog. As I mentioned, the framing is quite unconventional. You have cropped off most of the head and right across the dog’s snout. It’s a bold move – which often destroys an image. However, when it works, it creates a striking expression. The latter is the case here. I really love the framing; it accentuates the feeling of wildness and sovereignty. I also really like the processing, where you have pushed the contrasts and colours to a harsh and bleakish manifestation. Finally the bokeh on the lower right side, helps lead the eye back towards the dog and its shadow.”

4 comments on “Me and My Shadow”

  1. Awww. So sweet with just half of the nose sneaking in. Shadows are so mesmerizing, aren’t they. Just think…Creator could have made it so there were no shadows at all!

  2. it a nice looking hound from my point of view Elaine!!
    it’s a great composition….peter:)

  3. I like the photo. It is very much Elaine. 🙂 I have noticed that my shadow has gotten bigger over the years.

  4. At least we have a shadow to follow us around. Lucky those who can see it.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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