Goal for the New Year :)

My next car, a Mini Cooper!!! as soon as i finish paying off my other car haha

6 comments on “Goal for the New Year :)”

  1. Congretulations, Elaine! Have both a happy long road!

  2. Well, first, let’s work on getting you well!!!! 😀

  3. And then you pick me up & take me out into that gorgeous 2015 of Elaine & Fritsch, right?

    Happy new year, sweet heart. Thanks for the past – you rocked my world & don’t you ever stop doing that.

    Kisses, kisses, kisses, Fritsch.

  4. My son owns a mini… they are cool cars… i hope that you get one in the new year…
    Penny and i wish a blessing on you and yours in the new year!

  5. We will be here waiting for the news of your new Mini. So…hurry. 🙂

    1. i haven’a even finished paying for the smart car lol so hold off world war 3 for a bit, will ya, Phil?

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