Hit The Road, Jack


i went out for a walk tonight, with my dog, in the dark, down our beautiful street, it was a miracle! why do you say that’s a miracle, Elaine? because i have not left the house voluntarily (nevermind joyfully) for a DECADE….. yep, that’s why

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  1. Jack’s on his way down the road Elaine!!… i’m glad that you took Zoe for a walk and had a joyful day….peter:)

  2. Hey! Wow!
    Makes me happy for you!

    When the walls come trumblin’ down
    When the walls come crumblin’ crumblin’
    When the walls come tumblin’ tumblin’
    Tumblin’ tumblin’ down

    –John Cougar Mellencamp

    1. I knooooow right, that course i’m taking, when Jesus is at the wheel? miracles happen 🙂 i will start crying if i talk about it too much!

  3. hey Elaine!! you missed the finish to the print job shat i showed you on Wednesday…
    i think that you’ll get a kick out of it….peter:)

    my details :
    were missing in my post on your site…
    brain fart… or senior moment lol !!!

  4. Hi Elaine!! are you still on your walk… you ok? where ya been? ….peter:)

  5. I know what this must have felt like for you, Elaine. MIRACLE is a good word. Just keep making the miracles happen until they become “ordinary” occurances. You go, Girl.

  6. Nothing more promising than the open road & the mirackes according to Elaine. And nothing more promising that hitting the road with you soul sister.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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