Earth, Water, Air, Fire


8 comments on “Earth, Water, Air, Fire”

  1. There is a strange blue cast to the sky in your photo. Oh, wait! That’s the way the sky supposed to be? Where I live, it seems gray is the color of the day–every day.

    1. Phil, at least your email inbox has blue skies now, but man oh man have you missed out on a lot of stories lol

  2. Nice picture, elaine.

  3. i like this picture and your honeycomb treatment on the bottom right side Elaine…
    and the four elements that are important to our planet….peter:)

  4. nice sky Elaine!!!… have a nice Sunday….peter:)

  5. You really take me higher, sweet heart. And that’s all that matters on these gray winter days. You are the air that I breath. You are the earth I walk upon. You are the fire burning deep inside. And you are the soothing water. And I love you & your photographic love stories. You really take me higher, baby.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. We need all 4 elements, indeed, and are lucky if we can be balanced with them. You and I are both Air signs, so all that sky above is very important to us. 🙂

  7. pleasant cloudscape up there Elaine

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