I’m Too Precious!

“Howard the Duck and Mr Stress both stayed trapped in a world that they never made, but not me baby, i’m too precious!” ~the pretenders

5 comments on “I’m Too Precious!”

  1. I didn’t know the song nor the group: nice link between song words et beautiful picture.

  2. You ARE too precious, so now you have no excuse to stay trapped!!! 🙂

  3. i am sure that it was you who was too precious Elaine!! i like you picture of the field and rooftops… but don’t those guide wire protectors get in the way at times….peter:)

  4. I think it’s interesting that a group called the Pretenders says that they are “too precious.”
    🙂 (For some reason, that field with the shrubbery border reminds me of the park in the movie “Blow-up.”)

    1. well, they were pretenders, coz they used to be cool then suddenly did an about face and started doing horrible boring music, i guess that was their little joke, that they were pretending to be cool…. but of course they became mainstream popular with the horrible boring music, says a lot about ‘normal’ people

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