La Bella Luna

Please note planet niburu at the bottom lol

8 comments on “La Bella Luna”

  1. una bella luna e un bel pianeta verde Niburu Elaine !!
    i love it Girl….peter:)

  2. Very sci-fi. The gravitational pull must be immense where you are.

    1. yes, it’s coz of how dense i am 😛

  3. NiBIru or copying and pasting with some programme i know well. why not? It’s funny and quite beautiful.

    1. haha actually, it’s just a lens flare, i don’t use photoshop anymore 🙂 trying to cut down!

      1. I do use photoshop when it’s necessary, Elaine. It’s an +excellent+ tool like the photograph laboratory equipement before.

  4. Moonstruck! 😀

  5. And what heals the wound from being so far away from you is knowing that we both look at the same moon. Damn … that’s so romantic. And so beautiful. Don’t you ever forget we’re looking at the sam emoon, dear.

    Lunar kisses, Fritsch.

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