Another Nail in my Heart

“I want to be good; is that not enuff? and here in the bar, the piano man pounds, another nail in my heart’ ~squeeze

4 comments on “Another Nail in my Heart”

  1. nice soft image of the keyboard Elaine!!…
    Sing me a song Mr. Piano Man….

  2. Did I ever tell you my mom was a pianist (a concert pianist in NYC at age 12!) and often played the piano on school mornings to wake us up (8 kids). No nails in my heart as I savor that memory!

    1. that’s beautiful, Ginnie!!!! no you hadn’t told me that, wow, what a wonderful way to start each day 🙂

  3. Your photographic song is a blast … my queen of jazz. Love every single note. Love every single tune.

    All the best & keep on playing, sweet heart, Fritsch.

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