Nell: ‘In Na Taaaaay’

In na taaaaay, in na wiiiiiiiinnn

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  1. i’m not sure if that is Gaelic or what language Elaine!!… but i do see a lovely creek bed with water flowing over the weir at the top…
    it’s good to be back….peter:)

    1. good to have you back Peter, hope you are well…. here’s a clip from the movie ‘Nell’

  2. as far as i can be concerned, i don’t understand and i’m not even sure of what i can see. mcan you guve me a key? what means ‘One thought on “Nell: ‘In Na Taaaaay’ ?

    1. here’s a clip from the movie Nell with Jodie Foster, tay in na win, i think means ‘trees in the wind’ 🙂 Jodie Foster is kind of a feral child figure in that movie and has her own language.

  3. to he other bloggers here’s my blogspot adress Cause it doesn’t appear, i think, with wordpress where i only have an adress and no blog.

    1. when you post as michele, your blog address shows, but when you post as that other name, there’s no blog address

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s one of my favorite movies ever!!!!!! I try to watch it (we have it in our library, of course) at least every other year. BINGO. (That Jodie Foster…gotta love her, along with Liam Neeson!)

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