My Anaconda Don’t

have you ever seen this little girl DANCE? watch the vid here

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  1. She is so enthusiastic! And to answer your question about the cars, they are in a junkyard that a forest has grown up in. It’s now a tourist attraction, they charge a $15 entrance fee to photographers. There are some rather interesting characters in there photographing, the last time I went I met a fellow who rode his motorcycle down from Cleveland, Ohio.

    1. i would totally pay 15 bucks to get in there… such interesting and beautiful pictures! …. the guy on the motorcycle is dedicated to subject matter, that’s for sure!

  2. can she ever dance Elaine!!… thanks for sharing that with us….peter:)

  3. They start at a young age, of course, going through all their gymnastic moves. I saw some kids the other day on a video at half her age acting like they were Dancing with the Stars!

  4. That’s so crazy. Guess I had to put on my dancing shoes again. But believe me the one & only dancing queen is my darling Elaine.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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