I just worked my butt off on some spring cleaning and my husband threw a temper tantrum coz he’s a hoarder lol why that makes me laugh is God’s own secret 🙂 … look at the look on his face, can’t help but laugh! –why mr robinson, are you trying to intimidate me? lol ~the graduate of life is laughing

6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    1. haha no, he’s got 72 million ratty 40 year old tshirts, i just threw out all the old containers he hoards for ‘recycling’ and a TON of cardboard boxes from our move… other than that i just reorganized… who knows why he got angry? nothing to do with me lol

  1. He looks upset because he probably had big plans for those containers and who knows when you might move again, those boxes could have come in handy! I like this candid portrait and how you caught him in a bit of a mood.

  2. This is a man’s look. And this is a great portrait, Elaine. And trust me … this is why you love him the way you do … completely.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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