Bad Moon On The Rise

Everybody is up in arms about all the bad weather, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc etc, is it HAARP or the Hand of God? who can say?

8 comments on “Bad Moon On The Rise”

  1. cool image Elaine!! there is a lot going on in the world… only God knows what is going on…. xox….peter:)

  2. That is very cool processing. I need to get more adventurous.

  3. I did a Google on HAARP to learn more ( and find the questions most interesting. HAARP, Hand of God…and maybe a third option, the Stupidity of Humans?

    1. HAARP is the stupidity of humans lol

  4. I absolutely adore the crazy awesome blues you got in the sky. I like how the traffic signals and trees almost look painted on the image as an afterthought.

    And to answer your question, the recent black and white photos haven’t been processed or shot on expired film, it’s just that the Impossible Project isn’t so good at the making of the film for Polaroids, so the results are, shall we say, rather artistic.

    1. oh i thought the impossible project should be really good at it, for the prices they charge!

  5. This is a wonderful image

  6. Blue light til dawn, baby. Blue light til dawn … all it takes. A glowing treasure like this will be all I need.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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