I Want to be Free


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  1. I think they had better fix that fence before they lose a horse. Very cool shot is very nicely composed.

  2. I immediately thought of “I want to Break Free” by Queen and will now be singing that all day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM8Ss28zjcE (BTW, I had never heard of Queen till I met Astrid. I still can’t believe that because in my past life I went to a gazillion concerts by Elton, Indigo Girls, K.D. Lang, etc., etc.)

    1. that’s what i was going to call the post, and the song has been running thru my head all day lol…. now how did you manage to miss out on queen? their songs are in so many movies! i will send you some vids

  3. The same freedom we are all condoned to live – isn’t it! Even if fences aren’t always as literal as in this photo. The fade and off colours enhances the eerie expression. Great shot!

    1. yes maybe not so literal, YET, so far, the fences are in our minds…. which is probably more effective at keeping us imprisoned!

  4. i love this image with the people walking past the coral Elaine!! the horse still has room to run and play….peter:)

  5. A free mind can’t be imprisoned by a mundane fence. But I have to confess that this is zthe worst Queen song ever 😉

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch,

    1. hahaha sweetie, it really is hard to choose WHICH is the worst Queen song ever….. except ‘We Will Rock You’ that one was good

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