We’ll Cross That Bridge When…


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  1. Nice. The geometry is striking. You did good! 🙂

    1. taaaaanks Phil, processed it today, i’m sooo cold, and it may be hot outside lol

  2. I cross every bridge in the world just to be with you. And we get all cozy & close after that little spark of love start the fire of ecstasy. And every bridge we ever cross makes everything possible, baby.

    All the best & kisses, kisses, kisses, Fritsch.

  3. That is such a wonderful shot. Wonderful!

  4. That bridge looks kind of imposing and gloomy I’m not really all that sure I want to cross it. Maybe I’ll just have a coffee and watch the world go by instead. I like how you framed this with the massive towers and cables dominating the scene.

    1. coffee! i’m not even craving it! switched to organic cocoa when i want a hot drink… yes i was real cold that day and often put up pics according to how i feel lol

  5. FABULOUS composition, POV and texturing, Elaine. I like everything about this!!!

  6. Wow! great shot Elaine. Cheers.

  7. Really love the dark tones. Guess I will not be crossing this brisge for a while. I’ll just stay on this side and look at ot for a while..’

  8. whatever treatment you have applied here, it works very well! effective shot

  9. I love the way you have processed this photo. And it’s become a really captivating image, geometrically intriguing as well as a strong visual comment about modern existence.

  10. i love this one Elaine!!… it looks like heaven’s gate….peter:)

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