Stairway to Heaven

Our Love Holds On

Our Love Holds On

I wrote a book about the church that may get me assassinated, OR everybody will ignore it haha, either way, it was fun. under a pseudonym of course hahahaha

4 comments on “Stairway to Heaven”

  1. well stairway to number 307 at least 🙂 i like the vignette.

  2. i’m not sure if the church is still in assassination mode any more Elaine!!… but i like your stairway to heaven… good lighting….peter:)

  3. Incremental steps make a good staircase for most of us, Elaine, to anywhere. I like that.

  4. The stairway is more modest than I anticipated, but that seems to make some sense if it is indeed the real one. I like how it’s rather bleak, yet free of debris and garbage.

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