Behind Green Eyes

Still Rollin'....

What do you want? Yeah you…. And Who is the Rock of Ages….

3 comments on “Behind Green Eyes”

  1. Still rollin’ … still rock’n’rollin’ … all the way to you … suddenly everything seems possible …
    And all the beauty lies behind these green eyes & the secrets they don’t reveal. Because what we don’t see is what makes the difference & keeps me running towards the other side … the other side that matters … always running straight to you. And though you keep breaking my heart I can’t help but running straight to you. I don’t count the years or the miles I kust keep running because I’m blessed to be on your side.

    Kisses, baby, kisses & safe travels, my dear, Fritsch.

    1. you knooooow what i like, baby

  2. I like how this takes a minute to figure out and I dig those wild colors that remind me of cross processed film.

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