Loneliness, More or Less

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  1. I am a former railway fellow and still love images of rail equipment. This is very cool.

    1. my dad used to work for CNR, but he was in intermodal sales in an office…. thanks, seems kind of nostalgic for me toooooo… seems you are the last one really commenting on my blog… it is indeed lonely out here at times!

  2. i’mmm baaack Elaine!!!
    i love this photo of the railyard… i was born and grew up in a house that was across road from the railway yard in Sudbury…
    my grandfather was the general yardmaster there for the CPR in the 40’s and 50’s…
    i had three uncles who also worked on the railroad there…
    my brother Bob was a railroad engineer for Via Rail on the run from Windsor to Toronto until his retirement… and his son is also an engineer today…
    thanks for this one..
    it’s nice to be back home to visit my friends around the world again….peter:)

    1. hi Peter! great to see you back! seems we are all railroad families around here… isn’t that a weird coinkydink?

  3. Very nice shot. Nice and lonely. My dad worked for a railroad when he was a young man and I had distant relatives who worked for a railroad and were killed at the same time in a locomotive crash. Does that qualify me for membership in this club?

    1. Phil, I didn’t know it was a death club, but yes, you’re qualified… how did the locomotives crash? was it a mixup? or a runaway train situation? remember that movie? ‘Runaway Train’… with john voight and eric roberts, very good movie… rebecca demorney is on the train too and she says to jon voight ‘you’re an ANIMAL!!!!’ and he says ‘no… WORSE… human’… you have to go look for the movie now.

  4. The crash was many years ago and was due to sheer stupidity. Men will be boys, you know. There were several headed out on a smaller locomotive for a work assignment. They were running way too fast for the track and physics caught up with them. Are there T-shirts for the club?

    1. weird, i’m so tired and stuff i thought two of your relatives were driving two different locomotives and crashed into each other… see what happened there? lol… me, that’s what happened there… i’ll go out and make up railway club tshirts and send them out to y’all… i’ll call it ‘Death Club’ coz Peter just called me ‘depressing’… so i like, gotta… you know me, disrespect intended 🙂

  5. “I feel like an old railroad man / Getting on board at the end of an age / The station’s empty and the whistle blows / Things are faster now / And this train is just too slow / And I know I can walk along the tracks / It may take a little longer but I’ll know / How to find my way back” (Eels)

    Nothing better than some rails, sweet Elaine & a lonesome hobo 😉

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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